March 28th, 2008

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I took no walk in the back yard this evening. There was rain! Actual water fell from clouds! In fact, it's still falling. The storm also brought somewhat warmer air, so even though I couldn't walk without getting soaked, I was able to sit on the back porch for a while and listen to the rain and the frogs, who must be very happy with both wetness and comparative warmth. I'm hoping we might get a bit of fog later, as sometimes happens with spring storms. What we're sure to get within a few days though is a burgeoning of the grass. It was already pretty green and thick, but a good soaking followed by spring sunshine always brings an explosive growth. Oh, and the dandelions will probably spring up in vast numbers as well. In short, much springing is ongoing.

From the interesting Metropolis Magazine: Sometimes teapot tempestuousness is amusing, as when traditionalists (oh the weight of irony in that word when applied to a place of such relentless artificiality) in Fanta Se Santa Fe, New Mexico, (one of those places in which it seems one would have to file an environmental impact report before farting), grow apoplectic at the prospect of three story houses! You'd think they'd never seen multi-leveled Taos. Or maybe it's more the absence of fake mud that freaks them out? The other thing that's weird in this tale, of course, is that anybody who likes anything modern at all would even want to live in such a place.

Thanks to City of Sound, another interesting urbanism-related website, I found these photos of an event that took place last year in the Los Angeles River. Yes, in the river. Well, I guess you have to know the place to understand. Just go look (from the weblog i wish god were alive to see this, apparently the property of a band called Teardrops.)

Oh, did I just link to a MySpace page? Oh, I did. Sign of the apocalypse. Sorry.