March 9th, 2008


It Comes

Oh, I totally forgot to set the clocks forward last night. I blame my copy of WinD'OH!s XP, which continues to follow the pattern set down in ones and zeros or whatever when it was written. It is lying to me even as I type! 6:40 PM my arse!

But at 7:41 PM PDT the cerulean sky sports a bright sliver grin of moon. I've only just closed my windows, as afternoon's warmth leaves the air. It already smells of spring tonight. The poppies are about to emerge and, baring any return of harsh weather, another week will doubtless find the landscape splattered with color as they and many other plants blossom. I expect puffs of pine pollen to begin drifting about any day now. And then there'll be the mosquitoes. The frogs I hear croaking await them. Yet someone has a fire going tonight, and the sour smell of woodsmoke stains the scent of spring. That won't happen many more nights, I think.

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