March 5th, 2008

caillebotte_the orangerie

Not Naked

Our local Kmart is emptier by a dozen items of men's clothing, including nine shirts. I checked for the "all cotton" label this time, and bought such only in the large size, as the mediums I bought last year have all shrunk enough to be uncomfortable now. The prices on Kmart's clearance items have not yet dropped to their lowest level, but I wanted to have a better selection than I'd have if I waited until the weekend when they'll be about two bucks apiece (a price at which the Honduran children who made them could almost afford them.) But, as a result of this extravagance, I will be so well dressed this year! Over forty dollars worth of shirts! I bet I'll be mistaken for a rich yuppie!

Also, another gray hoodie is now mine, though this one is 2x, there being none smaller at this late date. I virtually swim in it, but it's still very comfy casual wear for sitting around on chilly nights (quite a few of which remain to the season, I'm sure.) Plus, it almost matches the gray cat who visits my yard now and then. I like my wardrobe to contain a few garments which match any visiting kitties.

As for the weather, by day there is still some mildness to the pre-spring air, and this is expected to continue for a few days, but there is a chance of rain by Saturday, and then a greater chance Sunday. I've been enjoying going out to look at the stars, now that it's been clear and not too cold, but a couple of rainy days would still be welcome, and thanks to my highly successful shopping expedition I'm well prepared for any chilliness that would follow the storm. I even got flannel jammies!

Now popcorn.