March 2nd, 2008


Oh Why Not


It says our (reputedly) Russian Overlords have announced an advisory board for LJ that includes brad (you might remember him—used to be some sort of LJ bigwig), and former ICANN board chairman Esther Dyson, plus Creative Commons CEO Lawrence Lessig, and social networking pundit (and LJ user) Danah Boyd, (who has none of you (or me either) on her friends list. But as far as recent high-level staff hires go... Jason... is that a fauxhawk? Srsly?

Need something to read? Brad DeLong recommends The industrial ruins of elfland, posted by Jo Walton. I approve his judgement.

Need something to chuckle at? I recommend The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks.

Gee, there's a lot of entertaining stuff at Blogger these days. But I guess when a site has upward of 30,000,000 accounts there's bound to be some interesting stuff (though, only fair to mention, there are also any number of logorrheic blatherskites there, too.) Hey, remember five years or so ago, when Blogger had fewer accounts than LJ, instead of ten times as many? Before the invite codes temporarily turned LJ into a gated community, after which fiasco it never recovered its momentum? Imagine what the faux Russian would have had to pay to buy Blogger, had it been for sale! Heh. LJ. We're just a chum bag for the entrepreneurial bottom-feeders now, I guess.

But that's not why you're here. You're here because you want to know that March has come in like a purring kitty, rubbing its furry chin against the pines, and that everything is sunshine and, if not roses just yet, at least the little purple flowers of those trees I can never remember the name of, but which are always the first to decorate the local landscape when spring, true or false, arrives. Squirrel after squirrel scampered across the lawn today, and I'm almost certain I heard a thrush or some other bird of highly musical sort singing. By night the croaking of the frogs is unmistakable.

But I've heard only a few flocks of geese or other waterfowl flying north yet this year. If most of them are lingering, I wonder what they know? Could it be that they know that winter still has a blustery storm or two in store? All the weatherman tells us right now is that sunny days and mild temperatures will continue through the week. I'm not putting away the heavy blankets yet. I'll wait for the geese to give me the word.

The verse today was, yes, just as you probably suspected, chosen in part for its long but engaging title— though it has surely been too long since I've posted anything Chinese, and there's surely nothing better suited to the season than Tu Fu.

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