February 21st, 2008


Thursday Right on Schedule

Rain returned today, so the weather has done pretty much what I told it to do. I now realize that I am awesome! I'm thinking about telling it to rain beer next.

Anyway, busy again and so no long post, but a link (via scottobear): Nightmare Playgrounds. Mostly eastern European, these playgrounds contain some of the most astonishing objects ever to be used as play equipment (oh, the elephant slide!) Must be seen!

Bonus link: David Byrne's observations in his online journal are frequently interesting. Here is his recent post on the opening of the new wing of the L.A. County Art Museum. I didn't get to go. I wasn't invited. I guess I'm not famous enough.

And speaking of Daves, here's a bonus observation: I saw Foo Fighters on Letterman last night and must say that, to all appearances, Dave Grohl is becoming, more and more, the guy at the Greyhound station you try to avoid making eye contact with. Except that the guy in the Greyhound station probably couldn't single-handedly keep rock-n-roll alive.