February 17th, 2008

caillebotte_man at his window


Quite sure I'd sneezed my brains out, I fell to worrying, and cursed the unseasonably pollinating plant or plants which had aggravated my allergies. Then I realized that, had my brains indeed been sneezed away, I'd have had none to worry with, nor none with which to curse. That made me feel very slightly better, though I remained displeased that mild days had induced this plague of vegetable spooge which had made me sneeze and sneeze all the otherwise pleasant afternoon. I think now I'd like to rid the landscape of its preponderance of male plants, so that I'd no longer be subjected to an atmosphere so like a botanical bathhouse full of promiscuous stamina. How nice it would be to live for a while instead in a Lesbian garden, where I could relax, my sensitive nasal passages unmolested. In short, WTF, February!?!

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