February 10th, 2008

caillebotte_the orangerie

Dangerous Balm

Having experienced actual direct sunlight today for more than half an hour, I remain dazzled. The mildness I wished for last night arrived, and though the night has turned chilly, the memory of near-balmy afternoon has me, like the sourgrass which has produced its first blossoms of the season, doing springy things when winter is barely half over. With nothing resembling a thought, as evening fell I prepared a glass for icing the tea I'd intended to drink hot. Later, spotting from my window the waxing crescent moon, I headed outdoors in shirtsleeves only to rush back in to fetch a sweater. My attention wandering thusly is sure sign that I've fallen out of sync with time.

The oddest thing is that only today did the last of the snow depart our roof, and the downspouts cease their trickling. Snow remained in patches all about, but insects buzzed as though the pollination of the world couldn't wait. I hope the weather does not go all soft for any length of time, as the lake still looks pretty much like picture A, and much more winter is needed to make it look like picture B. Picture B is the goal.

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