February 6th, 2008



A little bit of lawn emerged this afternoon and many birds visited it. A few houses now have large sections of their rooftops exposed. Our house is one of them. The sound of water trickling from the downspout was ceaseless. All day the sky was clear, but it looks as though there might be some clouds for a while again tonight. I'll be pleased if it doesn't get all stormy (no storm is forecast, but the forecasts have been so unreliable the last several weeks), as my postponed chiropractic head yanking is now to take place tomorrow afternoon. I want my head yanked. Further delay would be unwelcome.

For some reason, Windows is dithering tonight and I can't do anything interesting—namely, I can't get any YouTube videos to play. Wednesday is when the computer usually does its maintenance or whatever it is that Windows does with it when the little red light keeps flashing (I suspect the machine of indulging in some sort of masturbatory fantasy at these times), but it usually doesn't clog up the way it's doing now. Crap. I'll have to try later, if I can find the time.