February 3rd, 2008


Happy Groundhog Day

What became of the snow today was this: Almost nothing. Most of the snow that was here this morning is still here tonight. The sun often seemed about to emerge, but rarely managed to penetrate the clouds which, though persistent, precipitated nothing. The snow sat, barely melting, producing only the faintest trickling sound, and that mostly from the streams that issued from the downspouts, which water was mostly the result of heat rising from the attic of our poorly insulated house. I took as much pleasure as I could from the music it made, knowing that it would be charged to some future utility bill. Winter is beginning to feel long, but the back of my mind has the thought that, no, it won't be long at all, and all this snow will melt away taking with it all this time, water under no bridge, trickling away to silence.

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