January 23rd, 2008



All day there was gray sky, and when I went to the store I beheld Sawmill Peak without its top, it having been dissolved in clouds (a far as I know), or maybe it only wore a rumpled hat of them. It was shivery out there! I bought another fleece hoodie, so I'll have one to wear when the first is in the laundry. Also, I have more pants now, having exchanged money for two additional pair.

What is one pant? What is the sound of one pant flapping? If I fell out of my tree in the forest would anyone hear?

The terrible cold is harming my brain, I'm sure. And colder air is on the way, it is said. There could be more snow. Worse, the approaching storm is expected to bring another bout of powerful winds. Earlier this month when the winds took the electricity away it was nowhere near as cold here as it is now. I do not want to be colder, and will be sorely distressed by any loss of electricity. I strongly disapprove of this weather.

No links.

Well, OK, one link: Faux foot. Why does it amuse me? I have no idea. Another consequence of the cold, perhaps. I found the giant size hilarious—especially the toes. Clearly, I verge on madness. The year does not go well with me.