January 22nd, 2008

5th street los angeles 1905

Back Then

An hour or so of late afternoon sunlight was not enough to melt the remaining snow. The lawn will be ice-crusted once the temperature drops again, and stepping on it will loudly break the crust and disturb the cold but placid night. The walk and driveway, neither of which I cleared, will be slippery with ice, and also to be avoided. I'll probably just stay indoors all night and not go out to look at the moon unless it be through the skylights of the back porch. No for long, of course, because it's very cold out there. And I hope there's no more snow for now, because I really need to get out to a store. I hate going out when the roads are snowy.

I don't think I've ever posted a link here to John's Old Car and Truck Pictures. Free nostalgia! Find the classic car in which you lost your virginity! Plus the site has goatloads of links to still more websites featuring the obsolete technology which has doomed us (I rather like the photo albums at Moe's Garage, even though the site's on browser-killing Microsoft Spaces!) Enjoy it all while civilization lasts!

Must shower now, before the electricity goes away and the house gets all freezy.