January 19th, 2008

5th street los angeles 1905


My birthday present to myself today will probably be the MySnap screen capture utility (yay freeware), and I might even splurge and update to the latest version of IrfanView while I'm at it (yay even more freeware!) Or wait, maybe that's my birthday present from the Internets? Oh, crap! The Internets and I got me the same thing!

Oh, the sky stayed fairly clear today, and the moon has now waxed enough that it subdues most of the stars tonight, but I think it's expected to be getting a bit chillier again over the next few days. Maybe actual winter will come back soon. The birds would probably prefer that it didn't, as they were out in large numbers today, enjoying the mildness, flying about and pecking wherever and chattering back and forth. I myself found it nice to have the air remain still this afternoon, so I could go out with less risk of being struck down by falling pine cones (having had several bare escapes on recent windy days.) By night, the risk of slipping on the cones littering the ground and damaging an ankle remains high. I ought to clean the yard up a bit.

Here's something that I'd like to make a regular feature of my journal (assuming I can find anything this good in the future): WTF, Flickr!?! (decidedly NOT safe for work!)

A happy un-birthday to all and sundry.