January 9th, 2008


Less Wet

The slushy snow didn't survive the night's rain, so there'd have been nothing for the sun to melt had the sun emerged today. Instead there were hours of gray and a few more sprinkles of rain. It looks as thought he rain will return tonight, though. This storm probably won't be as furious as the recent one, so it's likely the power will stay on. I'm never going to completely catch up with all the stuff I missed during those few days without Internets. It turns out that the Internets are (besides being a series of tubes) a sort of flood that is steadily increasing in volume. Eventually we will all be inundated and then civilization will end. Finally!

I have yet to see a variant of Road Rage Cat featuring a maritime background and the caption "I am coming at U! U will explode!" But I expect to. cat_macros?