rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There have been a few sprinkles today which has kept everything damp, and there is still water dripping from the rain gutters, but I don't think we will get any significant rainfall tonight. The forecast is now saying that the next chance of rain will be Sunday, which is a bit of a surprise. It is expected to remain fairly cool through Monday, especially by night, which means I'm going to be using the furnace again after all.

It also looks like I'll be going shopping tomorrow instead of Sunday. The stores are always busier on Friday, but now that school is out for summer at least the afternoon traffic will be thinner. I just hope I can get to sleep early enough tonight to be awake in time to get ready tomorrow, because after getting not quite enough sleep last night I ended up with a pretty long nap this afternoon.

The monitor is still stretched, and I can't see my clock which is in the lower right corner on part of the missing real estate. Maybe I'll figure out what's wrong tomorrow. Right now I just want to go veg out in front of the tube flat LED thing.

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