December 29th, 2007



Soft rain melted most of the snow long before nightfall, and the temperature will be rising into the 50s for the next few days, so it looks like there'll be no White New Year's Day for us. There's still a good-sized patch of snow on my front lawn tonight, but it's terribly thin—blades of grass poke through it everywhere—but I doubt much will remain of it by dawn. Brief sprinkles alternate with cold mists, and the sound of trickling water is unceasing, while the sound of tiny raindrops comes and goes, a curiously dry sound like that of sand falling on paper. Now and then the clouds settle earthward and fog fills the woods, veiling the trees. The night smells of wet wood and grass, the overcast sky glows dimly, and diffused moonlight brightens patches of the wet pavements. Should the rains continue, the year will die well, I think.

Speaking of dying, it's going to be RIP, Netscape Navigator at the beginning of February. Actually, it will probably live on as a sort of digital zombie in millions of hard drives for years to come. I've got a copy of it myself, though I never use it. Then someday Netscape will go to browser heaven, because browser hell will forever be entirely occupied, as it always has been, by Internet Exploder.

I got out to shop this afternoon, and we now have all we're likely to need for the next few days, so I probably wont have to go out again until Thursday, when my first head yanking of the new year is scheduled.