December 28th, 2007



The snow is sort of a thin white crust over the ground. very early this morning I thought for a while that it might amount to more, but it went from a few impressive flurries to something that was more frozen mist than actual snowfall. The day was relentlessly overcast and only the snow on the pavement managed to melt, and now tiny, icy raindrops are falling and I can hear snow-melt dripping in the downspout. (That the snow is now melting from the roof on a chilly night is an indication that there is insufficient insulation on the attic and the heat is escaping from the house, but that's a whole other sad story.) Fortunately, the snowfall was quite a bit heavier farther up in the mountains, so the odds that we'll have to endure water rationing next summer have been slightly diminished. I can put up with a few days of slippy walks for that. I'm not too happy about taking my shower on such a cold night, though.