December 27th, 2007


It Gets Quiet When It's Not Rain

Guess where it's snowing right now! On my house! And all around my house! Lawns, trees, bushes, pavements, other houses, all covered in fluffy white snow! It's a nice, soft powder, too. The night doesn't really feel cold enough for snow, but there it is. There probably won't be a whole lot of it, but there still might be an absence of electricity locally as a result. We shall see.

Heh. I was looking at some digitized, full-view books at Google Books a while ago and came across one that has at least two pages of blur and human fingers (digitized digits!) instead of text. Some college student getting impatient (or stoned) while digitizing. It would be very annoying to come across that while reading a book I actually wanted, though. I know they give the PDFs of public domain works away for free, but still.

And yes, I do know that Pakistan is about to disintegrate, and that even worse is probably ahead, but I've decided that the ongoing collapse of the nation's foreign policy, and the imminent roosting hereabouts of all those bloody chickens, is no reason not to be writing about various entertaining trivialities instead of anything hand-wringingly significant. Happy almost new year, everybody.