December 26th, 2007



Once Xmas is over, the year starts feeling all endy. Endiness makes me nostalgic. Nostalgia makes me go rooting around in the depths of the Internets, down one tube after another, until usually I find something that evokes deep melancholy. This time I found something unexpected instead. It's very likely that I've ridden on this bus, decades ago, and now it has followed me north. #7103. How strange that something is not being endy this time of year but just going on and on. Just like the Internet Tubes, come to think of it!

I'm also back to fretting about rainlessness. The clouds the other day ended up bringing us little more than a couple of hours of mist with occasional drizzle, which I slept through. I'd been hoping for another nice soaking. Tonight it's all clear and cold, but there should be more clouds arriving tomorrow, and we might get wet on Friday or Saturday.

I wonder what the two guys at the curb were talking about, standing there in front of the Pickwick Theatre in San Diego, that day sometime around 1905? It looks as though one had stopped and gotten off his bike, so maybe it was something important. Or maybe they were just talking about how William Hebbard and Irving Gill had totally ripped off Louis Sullivan when they designed the theatre building. It was a handsome bit of rippage, though. Too bad it's been gone since 1926. How long the guys talking at the curb have been gone, I don't know.

Life is brief. I'm going to make popcorn!

(Also, lest I forget: Old pitchurs of places!)