December 23rd, 2007



Oh, and a Happy Winter Solstice to all our troops fighting the War on Christmas!

We'll do our best to have you home before next December!

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As I said yesterday, when I tried to install Windows Service Pack 2 I got a notice from Windows that the installation had failed. So I was a bit surprised when I fired up the computer today, and a window popped up to announce that Service Pack 2 had been installed, and it invited me to do some configuring. But another window, which now disguises itself as an icon in the tray at the bottom of the browser, tells me that I have yet to install two needed updates, and the page to which a link on it takes me tells me that one of these is Service Pack 2. So, Windows appears to have lied to me either once or twice now. Either the window that says Service Pack 2 has been installed has lied, or the other two windows have lied.

Of course there might be no lying involved. It is entirely possible that Windows has simply mistaken some part of itself for a hole in the ground. But either way, it's all a confusion to me. I intend to ignore everything Windows says. If service pack 2 is indeed there, then the latest Acrobat Reader will work when I've installed it, and if it isn't there then it won't work. Adobe is probably a better source of information about Windows than Windows is anyway. So, I reiterate: stupid Microslough.

Outside computerland, the first day of winter put on a grand performance, featuring hours of bright sunlight and hours of brooding clouds, and then it was all topped off with sky bleeding more red than a subprime mortgage lender's account books. Now the first full moom of the season (and last of the year) comes racing behind the solstice, trailing bright vapors. The only flaw to the night is that the yard across the street is once again blazing with holiday lights. I think the denizens of the house might have been away for the weekend, as we enjoyed two nights of darkness from that quarter. I do hope they aren't the sort who leave their desecrations decorations up until the new year, or even later!

Though the clouds today have occasionally displayed an ominous mien, they have proven to be dry. We might get some rain showers by Tuesday, though. The air remains too warm for snow. Despite this, there's a definite wintry feel to it. I know that other places are getting snow now, so I'm posting some snow-filled Pushkin, suitable to the season.

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