December 22nd, 2007


Saturday Bother

I squandered much of the afternoon and evening at the Windows Update page. There were loads of updates I'd never gotten. My ultimate goal was to get service pack 2, which I find is needed for more and more stuff. After downloading and installing a goatload of other stuff the site said I needed, I finally got around to service pack 2 and, after an additional hour or so of the checking and downloading and configuring and what not that Microslough's automated downloading/installation system does, for some reason the installation failed. Crap.

I don't know if its worth my while to try installing it again. Because I did the automatic download/install thing I think the program isn't on my drive and it would have to be downloaded again. I'd really like to upgrade to the latest Acrobat reader and get some other stuff that needs SP2 to run, but reading the post-failure "What to do if service pack 2 decides to bugger you and then hang you out to dry and leave you twisting in the wind" page (which is pretty much a table of contents for A Non-Geek's Guidebook to Confusion), I'm quite put off. Stupid Microslough.

Other than that it was a decent Saturday, with the arrival of another set of clouds which provided a splendid sunset. And I also found the splendid K. Gordon Murray website, devoted to the late (almost three decades late now) Florida-based movie producer and distributor who is known in the U.S. for having imported loads of Mexican horror movies, some of which became staples of late-night television in the days before cable. He also produced or released some marvelously trashy grindhouse/exploitation movies such as Shanty Tramp and the biker rampage movie Savages From Hell. And then it turns out that he was also known as "King of the Kiddie Matinee", for his imported fantasy and fairy tale movies, something of which I was unaware due to my not having been a kiddie at the right time. Oh, for a K. Gordon Murray film festival!