December 19th, 2007



Still more rain is falling, and it will probably continue through tomorrow. Snow has fallen higher up the ridge, but is very unlikely to come this low. In fact it actually feels a bit warmer outside than it did last week, and I doubt we'll get any temperatures below 40F until after the storm has passed. I enjoyed the rain more today then yesterday since I didn't have to go out and get soaked dealing with giant wheelie bins today. Staying warm and dry indoors during a storm is nice.

Four locals found out just how not-nice being out in a storm can be when they got lost in the mountains Sunday while in search of a free Christmas tree. I didn't even hear about it until late this afternoon, by which time they'd already been found. I did enjoy reading the article at The New York Times, BBC News, The International Herald-Tribune (the most thorough report), China View, and The Sydney Morning Herald. That's what happens when you get careless when going "...from pine tree to pine tree...." these days! Nobody gets to do anything doltish anymore without the whole world being invited to watch! It's runaway Kathy Fiscus syndrome!

Also, there's this: 78 LJ communities and 392 individual users list "Kafka" as an interest but, so far, none list blocked search terms as an interest. Comedy gold! Well, LJ comedy gold, at least.