December 17th, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Day Consumed; Weblogged Post Results

Again, the Internet overflows and drowns me.

I found (at an old favorite website) a page having a link posted today by a guy who has saved an old movie ticket stub and stapled it to cut-out newspaper ad for the movie he saw in 1976, which I dare to surmise implies an entire collection of such artifacts.

I saw (via scottobear) a Flickr group posting pictures of bears wearing ill-fitting hats.

I visited (via ludickid) a web site featuring "Fictional urbanism".

I found a newspaper story (link soon to expire I suspect) about a thief who stole bronze grave markers from a cemetery a few miles from where I grew up and sold them to a recycling center.

I encountered a message board at which users discuss vanished supermarkets and drug stores and such, including a discussion about a market I used to shop at ages ago. This for some reason left me melancholy.

I found an ad for a showing just last year of the a 3-D version of the 1953 movie Miss Sadie Thompson (in which Rita Hayworth played the title role which had been played by Joan Crawford in the 1933 version called of the same tale titled, like the Somerset Maugham tale on which it was based, "Rain") and recalled how, on an earlier re-release of this movie (though not in its 3-D version) when I was about ten years old my mother refused to let me go see it because she thought it was too risque. I still haven't seen that movie! Thanks, mom. Maybe I should rent it and watch it sometime instead of spending two more hours on the Internet where I drown?

Though I'm soggy with Internet I won't drown from the current rain. Despite the persistent overcast the rain is only intermittent and sluggish. Last night there were hours of mist while the water dripped from trees and eaves and made a slow metronome in the downspout. That, too, made me melancholy. I want furious rain!