December 6th, 2007


Me = Easily Entertained

We got more rain. I had to go out for my head-yanking and got wet. Specifically, my aging shoes soaked up rain like sponges and made my feet wet after a dozen steps. It's too bad raindrops don't have faces with which they made cute expressions. Then I could make rain macros: "We're on ur pavements soakin' ur feets!" lolrain.

The head yanking went well again and my feet have dried. The rain has continued, the windless storm soft and surprisingly warm. I have tea but only three cookies. Too late to get more now.

Pleasant discovery 1: Yelp has pictures of the Vista Theatre in east Hollywood, including a good shot of the interior, which I've never seen. I'm pleased to see that it closely resembles the Garfield Theatre in Alhambra (designed by the same architect, L.A. Smith) which was one of the places now gone which I had the good fortune to frequent when I was very young. The Garfield lost its Egyptian details in a series of unfortunate remodelings long before it finally met the wrecker's ball just a few years ago. The Vista's long survival and current success is a wonder of the age.

Pleasant discovery 2: There is a web site for public transit fans. Well, there are many, but most are devoted to vanished streetcar systems. This one is devoted to existing systems, and it has loads of photos of obscure locations nobody takes photos of. What could I enjoy more than seeing utterly ordinary places I never thought I'd ever see? No, seriously! OK, scoff, but I'll enjoy myself.