November 29th, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Counting Down to the Seasonal War on Xmas

It's all about the gifts these days. I do so enjoy looking at all the stuff that's going to be going into the landfills beginning a few days into 2008 when the first irretrievably broken toys are discarded, beginning the rivulet which will eventually become a torrent. The newspapers are heavy with slick advertising supplements displaying bright gadgets and gewgaws to wrap and place under small dead trees alongside the more practical but usually detested packaged clumps of socks and underwear and the barely tolerated sweaters and... I almost wrote "neckties", but does anybody even give those out anymore in these days of almost universally casual clothing?

Anyway, the buying season is underway and, looking forward to a month of not entering a store other than those purveying groceries, I've been entertaining myself with glimpses of the various giftable items displayed on the Internet. And, lo, it came to be that my favorite Xtian website (well, to be accurate, the only Xtian website I'm inclined to visit now and then), Ship of Fools (the Magazine of Christian Unrest), has posted in its Kitschmas section what I must consider the most inspiring gift of the year, the Saint Sebastian Pincushion!

Oh, if I were only in the market for a pincushion! Perhaps I should take up sewing and thus have an excuse to buy one? But, no. I can't compromise myself for what is essentially only an object embodying a visual pun, albeit a good one. I'll content myself with simply knowing that the Saint Sebastian pincushion is out there, serving those who serve God.