November 27th, 2007



Ancient meme, most likely... probably a virtual coprolite, in fact... but I just stumbled upon h2g2, an odd web project begun in 1999 and run by the BBC since 2001. It looks a bit like it might be Wikipedia with snark. The articles are written by registered users and then edited by... well, I'm not too clear on who does the editing, but the edited articles I've read don't look particularly professional, so it's probably just more registered users but they've been around longer and gotten to join the site's elites. I noticed that the edited version of the article on Stockton, California is less amusing than the unedited original.

Supposedly inspired by Douglas Adams's "Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy", the site does display a quirky humor in some of its articles, but I sure wouldn't spend much time looking for pure entertainment there. As for reliable information, who knows? I doubt that it could be less reliable than the stuff one often finds in Wikiworld. I'm thinking about registering myself and writing a few articles nobody will ever read about flabbergastingly obscure and boring subjects. Because I really, really need another way to to waste yet more time on the Internet.

Oh, but what about the weather report? Yes, those days of cool perfection are still happening, the remaining leaves flickering gold in the afternoon breezes, the smears of cirrus drifting across the chill blue sky and turning to icy fires as the sun sets. I think maybe I'll see if I can get some persimmons. It's perfect persimmon weather, and the season is so brief.