November 23rd, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Annoying, how holidays throw off my inner clock even when I avoid doing any holidayly things. I guess a big part of the problem is that I can't resist looking at all the ads that retailers stuff into the paper the day after Thanksgiving. I know I'm not going to buy any of that stuff, but I can't resist looking, just to see what everybody else is buying. It's a total waste of time, and it leaves me running late for everything else I do.

And this year I made the mistake of looking at a couple of websites, too, and ended up spending an hour perusing the various scanners now available. This new Epson looks interesting. I have some medium format negatives I'd like to be able to scan, in addition to some very old slides which have faded badly, and this particular machine looks as though it would do a very good job of dealing with both, maybe even without bumping up against my technodoltery. But the product is too new for very many customer reviews to have appeared yet. I'm especially eager to find out what users think of the LED as a light source in a scanner.

It's still clear and chilly in the mountains, and the night sky would be sparkling with stars if the bright moon weren't washing them out. November light is splendid both day and night when the clouds keep away. This has been one of the clearer Novembers we've had here. Spending time reading newspaper ads and putzing about on the computer is even sillier than usual when the real world is being so nice. If fact, that's where I'm going to go right now.