November 21st, 2007



The Internet Accuracy Project. "Helping stop the spread of erroneous information, both online and off!"

Lucky Baldwin. "Lucky Baldwin was a California pioneer who founded the California cities of Arcadia, Monrovia, Baldwin Park and Baldwin Hills, on his vast 62,000 acre ranch."

Well, Baldwin did subdivide the first section of Arcadia, but Monrovia was founded by William Monroe in 1884, on 240 acres of land he had purchased from Baldwin. Baldwin Park was a creature of the Pacific Electric Railroad, developing around a station built in 1912, three years after Lucky Baldwin died. Baldwin had sold some of the land in the area for small farms as early as the 1880s, but no town emerged until after the P.E. arrived. Also there is no city called Baldwin Hills, and never has been. There's a district in the City of Los Angeles informally called Baldwin Hills, but that area was mostly vacant during Baldwin's lifetime, and nothing resembling a settlement developed there until well into the 20th century. And, by the way, in case anybody's wondering, that 62,000 acre ranch was actually a number of non-contiguous ranches scattered hither and yon across the landscape. Just so nobody gets the wrong impression and thinks it was like San Simeon or something.

Oh, good luck with that accuracy on teh Intarnets thing.

A collection of nice cirrus clouds brought a fairly decent sunset this evening, but I didn't get much time to look at it as I had to go out to various grocery stores. This is something one does not want to do on Thanksgiving Eve. No, not at all. Sheer holiday hell. But I had to go because I forgot that it was Thanksgiving Eve. That's one of the downsides of not making a big deal of holidays. There had been procrastination (yes, the passive voice) and this had made it needful that something be picked up for dinner tonight, and I found myself dealing with a mob picking up dinner for tomorrow. Next year somebody remind me. In fact for Xmas somebody remind me.