November 20th, 2007



I'm sneezy and my nose is drippy, and I hope it's just seasonal allergies, perhaps brought on by all the stuff stirred up by a major leaf raking that took place today. The whole landscape is probably crawling with mold now that it's been dampened a few times. The lawn stayed sparkly with dewdrops all afternoon despite the bright sun which repeatedly broke through the patchy clouds. The air stayed fairly crisp as well, and I was out in it long enough to feel chilled. I'll be very cross with myself if I come down with a cold now. I'm taking preventive substances just in case.

I haven't seen the gray cat for four or five days now. I don't know if he's just gotten tired of sleeping here, or if something scared him off, or if something happened to him. I'd gotten used to looking out the window and seeing him napping in the chair. Now I miss him. I don't even have a cat anymore and I'm still worrying about a cat. I think the whole species has it in for me. I'll probably end up a cougar's dinner eventually.

I think I found this link once before then lost track of it because of the Internets being so big and confusing and all. Ironic, since it's a map collection, maintained by the University of Texas. Not only does it host loads of maps, old and new, of places all over the world, it also has links to loads of other map and map-related sites. Now I have even more virtual places to lose track of. Too bad nobody's come up with a really simple map of teh Internets.