November 14th, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Somewhat Dismal

Ah, the scent of skunk drifting on the chilly night air. It's faint but persistent, so it was probably emitted some distance away. I wonder if the skunk nailed some other beast who got too close, or if it got whacked by a passing car? This is a hazardous place for skunks, and other creatures, especially now that the evening commute takes place mostly after dark. The streets will probably soon be paved with roadkill, alas. The carrion-eaters won't mind, of course, though they'd be wise to drag the carcasses from the pavement before dining. I've seen dead carrion fowl lying near the remains of their last meals on a couple of occasions.

But why did the possibility that the skunk I smell is dead send me off on such a grim train of thought? I could just as easily have imagined a startled stray dog running for home trailing a cloud of stink. Not that that would be a cheerful situation for the dog. I think maybe I'm a bit punchy tonight. I had to write checks for bills. That always makes me a bit punchy. Plus I've had too little sleep. Well, at least I've not been sprayed by a skunk, or run over by a car.