November 13th, 2007



An afternoon mild enough to bring bees out looking for the few flowers now blooming gave way to a clear, chilly night, with a waxing crescent moon lighting the pines I can now see unobstructed by the mulberry tree. I've still not grown accustomed to that big patch of sky lately exposed by the pollarding of the tree. Still, the night sky thus revealed provides a splendid sight on clear nights such as this—so splendid, in fact, that I lingered outside despite the chill to watch the moon set and Orion climb high, thereby leaving this post until, literally, the very last minute. Goodbye, Tuesday.

Oh, noes! A guy in India has married his dog! OMG! WTF! If a guy can marry his dog, the next thing you know teh gheys will be wanting to marry each other!

psst! don't let them know!