November 10th, 2007



Rain arrived as expected and bejeweled the remaining leaves and slicked the streets, but did so with little sound. It's been very soft rain so far, and the air has actually gotten a bit warmer than it was yesterday. The atmosphere remains very autumnal, though.

This afternoon, a flock of three or four dozen small birds landed on my front lawn and began methodically pecking their way across it. I watched through my window for a couple of minutes and then something must have startled them, as they all took to the air at once with a loud flutter of wings even though they had pecked their way over no more than half the width of the lawn. I looked about to see if I could spot whatever might have disturbed them, but saw nothing, not even a blue jay. No earthquake ensued, either, so maybe it was just another bit of pointless avian panic.

Somehow I missed The Crimson Kimono when it came out in 1959. Hardly surprising when you consider that it opens with a stripper being murdered. My parents would not have taken me to see it even if it had made its noir way to one of our respectable suburban theatres. In fact I never even heard of it until this evening when it bobbed to the ever changing surface of the Internets, another bit of the cultural flotsam released by the stirring up of the mud and muck by the Internauts. Now I desperately desire to see it. James Shigeta and Glenn Corbett playing cop buddies in a Sam Fuller noir from 1959! And I've never seen it! There is a reason to go on living!