October 26th, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Without the moderating foliage of the mulberry tree, the room has become remarkably bright in the afternoon. I must now draw the drapes when using the computer, or I am unable to see the monitor without squinting. Other than that, it's rather nice to have the view opened up again. I'll get tired of it eventually but that will make me appreciate the shade and privacy all the more once the foliage grows thick enough once again—around summer of 2009, with luck.

The gray kitty has returned to the back porch tonight and is napping in the comfy chair. I guess it was more the warm weather than fear of me that kept him away for the previous two nights. This evening the air cooled fairly quickly, and from an already cool day. The comfy chair must be inviting to a half-wild kitty on a chilly night. I like seeing him there, but have no intention of getting started feeding him.

Let's see how long that resolve lasts.

Another busy day and lateness has resulted. Off to do the things I should have gotten done an hour ago.