October 11th, 2007

city hall 1880's

Gray and Faded

Gray day, all gloom and chill. Love it.

Here's a link I forgot to put in my last post. It's called Shorpy, the 100-year-old photoblog. All sorts of vintage photos are welcome, but those from before 1940 are preferred. The collection there so far (the site is about 8 months old) tends toward urban scenes, with New York City predominating, but the range of subjects is wide and pretty well organized into galleries (via tags, apparently, as there is some overlap.) Anyone can leave comments, but only members (anyone can join) are allowed to upload photos. Aside from the need to sign up in order to post pictures, the site is a bit like the larger and older Citynoise if it got caught in a time warp.

Back out to enjoy the gloom before rain arrives and drives me back in.