September 24th, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Naturally the first thing that comes to mind is a "moment of silence" joke, but this is obviously too obvious. Then the second thought is a "moment of noise" joke, but then the realization dawns that this, too, is terribly obvious. Then comes the third obvious thought, which is to do a Google search on each of the first two obvious thoughts. As it turns out, teh Intarwebs make "moment of silence" the Champion of Obviousness with 9470 results, while "moment of noise" makes barely a digital ripple at a mere 127 results. Even weaker is the afterthought "moment of screaming" which clocked in with a piddling three results and the friendly Google advice to "Try removing quotes from your search to get more results." Few can think outside the invisible box, it seems. O

Though there were a few gray hours earlier, the day has turned bright and mild, with only a few white clouds still lingering about. The lawns have already begun showing a bit of green, courtesy of the recent rain. Bees are out and buzzing, plenty of birds are finding plentiful snacks, and a while ago I watched a pair of rambunctious squirrels raid our walnut tree. It looks as though fall has arrived right on schedule after all. The evening will be chilly. I will bake yams for dinner. Time to begin adjusting.