September 19th, 2007



There was a gray noon and later there were sprinkles. The sun emerged for a while amid billowing white clouds, and I thought there might be sun showers, but no sooner had the glistening wetness steamed off of the pavements than the overcast returned. There was a little more rain after that, and evening brought several loud peals of thunder. I saw no lightning, though, and the soft, intermittent sprinkles ceased at dusk. It was an unexpected sort of day to have arrived before the equinox. Now there's an oddly quiet night, with the woods wrapped in fog and mist, the air smelling of damp, and the darkness devoid of any sound of insects for the first time in months. I'm thinking of it as a preview of autumn. Summer will probably be back in a couple of days for a proper farewell. For now I'm enjoying the surprise.

Forgot what else I was going to say. Nevermind.