September 18th, 2007



Kept busy indoors all day, I didn't get enough sunlight, so I'm grumpy. Late afternoon clouds appeared again to turn the evening prematurely dim. There was a nice mauve haze in the west to partly make up for the lack of a proper sunset. Now the blurry moon, about a third of the way toward full, floats in a haze of blue light, as though it were its own reflection in milky ice.

The only time I got out before the clouds arrived there was some sort of contretemps going on in my walnut tree between a blue jay and a pair of acorn woodpeckers. This was accompanied by a constant background chatter set up by numerous smaller birds of indeterminate species. By the time it was over and tranquility restored, I had to return to the house. Lots of things need to be done these days, and the days are getting shorter fast. The Autumnal Equinox will be this coming Sunday. Maybe rain will come by then. Each afternoon lately has been a bit cloudier than its predecessor.

If I could write down the stuff that goes through my head when I'm busy doing things away from the computer this journal would be far more entertaining.