September 9th, 2007



Dark sneaks up on me the way dark does this time of year. I realize I haven't been outside exercising and it's become almost too late. So I go walk around the yard a few times and watch lights come on in other houses and see people moving about in their bright rooms while detail drains from the remainder of the world.

There is no moon for company out here. There's just the fading world and its cooling air, and the cicadas buzzing. Those figures framed briefly in lighted window are like animated mannequins. I am not shopping. I'll have none of them. Out here the sky closes down except for a few small flecks of starlight, and those are like tiny holes in an opaque dome beyond which day continues without us. The world seems like a room full of smaller rooms, a puzzle box.

I think how thoughts such as this remind me how I ought not to leave my exercise for so late in the evening. When dark sneaks up on me this time of year it brings melancholy with it. This year I've already got plenty of that.

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