August 30th, 2007


More Hotness

Tiny flying bugs drawn to my desk lamp are flying around in circles right in front of my face. It's very distracting, and I don't dare inhale deeply.

The trumpet vine on the back fence has developed seed pods. They look like green beans hanging there, but they are very sticky and they attract many bees who crawl up and down them. Many people hate trumpet vines because they can be very invasive plants, and they can attract ants, and they've been known to strangle trees and damage structures, and it causes some people to develop a painful itch, and... well, trumpet vines are vegetable tools of Satan! Other people like the trumpet vine because they enjoy hummers.

I like the trumpet vine because I remember one that grew along the fence between or next-door neighbor's house and their next door neighbor's house on the street where I lived until I was six years old. I would pass by that trumpet vine with its flaming red flowers on my way to the small neighborhood grocery store around the corner from our house, and I always enjoyed seeing it. Sometimes I would take a flower from it, where it pushed into the sidewalk space. It never made me itch, and I never got stung by the bees it attracted. I'm glad to have one in the back yard... but I'm not going to let it creep too near the other plants.

I'm not sure how the kitty is doing. She seems to be stuck, neither improving noticeably nor getting noticeably worse. Mostly she still just sleeps. I wish she would use the litter box though. I'm sure she needs to, given the amount she's eaten and drunk in the last couple of days. I'm sure she's smart enough to figure out what the box is for even though she's never used one before. She saw other cats use them. I think she's just really paranoid about doing it indoors.

I'm still punchy from schedule disruption. Time to shower now, and be unable to dry off completely due to the heat, and have my shirt stick to me as I try to put it on. Fie on you, August! And fie on your haze which, if it doesn't dissipate, will interfere with my view of the potential meteor shower!