August 24th, 2007

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2

Exhausting Afternoon

We took the kitty to the vet this afternoon and she has weekend reprieve, at least. After loads of radiographs and blood tests the results were... inconclusive. The cat got a steroid shot and will go back to the vet on Monday to see the results and maybe to get more tests. If the steroids bring any improvement in her symptoms then her condition might not be terminal. If there's no improvement (or if the course of treatment would be arduous or very expensive—I'm fond of my cat, but I'm not beggaring myself to keep her going for a couple more years—then she'll have to be euthanized. There's a strong possibility that her condition is the result of cancer in her spinal column. The same symptoms could also be a virus, or the result of trauma, but she shows no outward signs of trauma. So, the whole situation is unresolved until Monday.

Sugar, as I expected, was not pleased to be stuck in a cage and carted off to a busy place full of strange people and cats and BIG DOGS, but she behaved fairly well once she got there. Though she'd slept most of the preceding 26 hours, after two and a half hours away from home, the vets office and two car rides (she hates the car as much as she hates the vet's office) she was ready to bed down as soon as we got her home, and she secreted herself in her hidey place under an old credenza which no longer has any purpose but to support a single lamp and provide a hidey place for the cat. While I am hoping she'll begin to show improvement, I'm not eager to have her improve so much that she starts demanding to go out. She's always preferred the outdoors, but for the weekend she's not to be let out at all, doctor's orders. If she starts getting feisty it's going to be a problem keeping her from making an escape.

This situation, along with all the usual stuff I have to deal with, is exhausting. Also, I missed having the cat show up to watch me during my evening walk around the back yard (and probably to wonder what I was doing going around and around the same old path instead of lying comfortably on theporch and enjoying the evening as she did.) I had only the chirping and buzzing insects for company. It might be along time before I have any other.