August 12th, 2007

bazille_summer scene

Up In the Air

Off and on, I was outside for a couple of hours last night and yet did not see a single meteor. Of course I have less sky than I've had in previous years, this the result of the propensity of trees to grow and grow and grow, but still... not one meteor! Well, tonight is supposed to be the peak, so I'm going to fancy my chances (because I do and because I like the way the sequence of words "fancy my chances" sounds.) Meteors are to be successfully gazed upon this very night!

Afternoon, now, is not disappointing me. The air, warm but not oppressive, smells not only of the drying grasses of midsummer, but also carries intermittently a tangy/sweet fragrance from some flower I'm unable to identify. In addition, there is a stream of soft chirping from young birds, and a softer rustling of the sun-brightened mulberry leaves which flicker like a canopy of green fire just outside my window. Hopping from branch to branch is an acorn woodpecker who pecks lazily at the bark. The sky above is limpid blue, and even the haze to the south and west is far less dense than it has lately been. It's as perfect a day as summer days can get in these parts.

Time to cook something.

Oh, it's that time of year again for the crowning with laurel of the nation's official poet. Last week I posted something from the new guy, so this week I'll post a farewell for the old guy, since he will now be washed-up, a has-been with no friends, never to be heard from again, and I feel momentarily sorry for him:
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