August 6th, 2007


Celebrating, and Indulging in, Smartassery

The LJ-notorious rfjason has put his LJopoly board and its most amusing (to me anyway, and udoubtedly to anyone more familiar with all those LJ in-jokes—disguised as cat macros!) component, the Lulz/FTW cards, on his own website as .pdf files. Thus they'll still be around when 6A hysterically suspends his account for suspected DMCA violations.

LJopoly is bound to be less popular today than it would have been a couple of years ago, though, before LJ shrinkage set in. I've been part of the site's posting shrinkage myself, as I used to make at least two posts every day, and for the better part of a year I've been down to a single quotidian spew, and that usually brief. And were it not for cat_macros and the feeds of the increasingly prolific braddelong, my friends page would be considerably shorter each day than it once was, too, despite my having a friends list that is actually larger than it was two years ago.

Meanwhile, brad is heading for the Carpathia dressed as a woman (I'm only surmising the drag, but doing so from the somewhat mealy statements (he's clearly retaining water!) in his post.) Most likely his baggage (see comments) will go with him. An interesting question is, if his Carpathia is indeed Google, will Brad be doing anything with LJ's once-upon-a-time blague rival, Blogger, which became LJ's top (ghey s3x reference) when Brad instituted those invite codes for LJ a number of years ago, slowing its growth to a crawl while Blogger forged ahead. Anyway, so long Brad, and don't let BB tap your ass on the way out!

Still no fast Internets for me, by the way, but today we had the coolest and most pleasant day we've had here since spring. Nicest day since spring=better than installing and signing up for fast Internets.