August 5th, 2007


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I've perused the DSL installation CD (as far as I can without beginning the actual installation) and have sort of figured out where I will put various things such as the filter and the modem and the power supply. Now there's actually doing it, which involves the moving of various things such as pieces of furniture and vast coils of cable which (my technology-fevered imagination suggests) are like swarming offspring of Ouroborous devouring themselves and one another. Oh, Internets! The modem is especially annoying as this desk is getting way too crowded and there's no other place to put it. Too much real stuff is needed to reach the virtual world. Stupid technology. Anyway, I'm going to put off the actual doing for another day.

However, the temperature dropped by several degrees today, so at least I get to deal with the frustration in a more pleasant atmosphere. On the dismal side (isn't there always a dismal side?), the nights for watching the meteors are probably going to be chilly, and this afternoon there were quite a few clouds. If the meteors get hidden by clouds I'm going to be so pissed!. But it's a whole week before the peak of the shower so I'd probably best not get my shorts in a wad just yet.

Meantime, here's this:

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