August 4th, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Not Yet

The telephones have been restored to their accustomed functionality, but I have yet to tackle the task of installing the fast Internets on my computer. Heat continues to take its toll on my energy and my baked brain. If the fast Internets were going to let me hang my head out the window like a panting dog and have the rushing air cool me off, then I'd probably find the bothersome prospect of installation more appealing. Merely opening LJ pages faster isn't enough of an inducement to rouse me from my accustomed summer torpor. Ah, well, August will end eventually, and I might survive it. Chances are I'll reach the fast Internets someday.

Should I not get the fast Internets installed soon, at least there's expected to be an impressive display of Perseid Meteors this year. The peak will be on August 12th.