August 1st, 2007


Falling Down

The larval stage of a bridge fell down just a few miles from here the other day, but I didn't get to see it. There's no word on the fate of the packages in the FedEx truck.

Then while I was writing the collapse of our larval-stage bridge, I heard about the collapse of that mature bridge in Minneapolis. Weird.

And was anybody else unaware that there is a website run by an outfit called the Disaster News Network? It's for those who just can't get enough disaster news through the regular media, I guess.

After viewing the disaster news (of which I get quite enough, thanks) I went looking for an absence of disaster and found this: The larval stage of the modern world is on display in this ca.1896 photo of Broadway in Los Angeles, looking as dry and dusty as my brain feels on this hot August day. I looked at the nine cyclists balanced on their wheels (rented, perhaps, from the establishment occupying the ground floor shop in the Delaware Hotel), and wondered where in that quiet, provincial city they were off to on that placid afternoon some 110 years ago. I guess that's one more thing I'll never know.