July 15th, 2007

caillebotte_man at his window


This season of abundance has brought me an abundance of heat and an abundance of sloth and an abundance of insects fluttering against my window while the nights pass. Time though is in shorter supply. Water will soon join time. I'm leaving the sourgrass unirrigated this year, and the brown clumps of it look as though they'll never be green again, though I know they will because that's how the sourgrass is; a plant of both surprising delicacy and surprising endurance.

The odd thing is that this particular type of oxalis isn't supposed to do well in this climate, and is apt to die during the dry season, but the plants in the bed by the front door have survived many summers here, even though they've gotten very very dry at times. Sometimes it turns brown even when irrigated. But it always has come back to life in the fall, either in the first rains or when it gets irrigated after the weather has become cool. They are a bit like me in that. If I survive at all, I'm going to be much fresher come October, I'm sure.

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