July 11th, 2007



The cloudy overcast held in much of yesterday's heat overnight, but also prevented the sun from adding much more heat until late this afternoon when the gray mass finally began to break up. Then, for a while, there was bright blue sky with fluffy sheep clouds drifting northward. The thick clouds had stuck around for more than 24 hours, and a drop of rain fell the whole time. I'm quite disappointed. I suppose the hot moisture in those clouds will go off to Kansas and become part of an electrical storm that creates a tornado which will destroy some small town. This disaster could have been avoided had the clouds released that rain here, draining the storm of much of its energy. As a bonus, I'd have been cooler now. Sometimes nature arranges things so everybody gets screwed.

Also, I forgot that I put my iced tea in the freezer to cool off faster, and now I've got a quart jar of tea-flavored ice. Sometimes I screw myself. At least the clear sky means it will get much cooler tonight than it did last night. I'm grateful for the small favor. I think I'll celebrate with popcorn. It will go well with my giant tea-flavored ice pop.