June 19th, 2007

caillebotte_the orangerie

Boobie Post

I had a random recollection of something I first saw ages ago—a magazine cover illustration of an Italian cookie in the shape of a woman with three breasts. After some searching I finally found that these particular biscotti are called pupazza frascatana (after the town of Frascati), and the triple-breasted figure represents the goddess of abundance. Alas, the only photos I can find of them on the Internet (here and here) show rather crude, simple cookies, not the elaborate confection I recall from the magazine cover. I Googled about, to see if I could find a copy of the magazine itself on sale, perhaps at e-Bay, but no luck.

The magazine was the third incarnation of William Carlos Williams' Contact, and it was published in San Francisco and then Sausalito during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Williams didn't edit this version, but he did approve it, and the first issue was dedicated to him. I did find a few copies of various issues of the magazine for sale, but none of the ads were illustrated, and I don't know if the issue with the cookie on the cover was among those available, in any case. I have a copy of that issue of the magazine myself, but I have no idea where it is—probably in one of those notorious boxes in the garage—but if I ever find it, and if I get a scanner, I'm going to scan the cover and put the picture of that cookie on teh Intarwebs. It's a disgrace that an image of a really excellent pupazza frascatana can't currently be seen anywhere in the digital realm.

Here—more heat, more crickets, and the Summer Solstice bearing down. I hear that the drought has sent rattlesnakes into populated areas in greater numbers than is usual around here, following their prey which has migrated in search of water. I'll have to be careful where I step during my evening walks.