May 26th, 2007

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I got caught in a fake thunderstorm at Safeway's produce bins. It was one of those things where the lights flash, recorded or synthesized thunder sounds softly, and then the spray mechanism mists the fruits and vegetables and roots and any adjacent customers who didn't stand back. I didn't stand back because I wasn't expecting the mist to be as heavy as it was, so I got wetish. I then bought some damp potatoes. I hope I don't catch a tiny cold from getting caught in the tiny storm.

I thought it was Friday all day Thursday, and then all day today I again kept thinking it was Friday. Something in my head really wants it to be Friday, I guess. The oddest thing is that I barely remember the actual Friday in between the two false Fridays. Now I am going to go fry a couple of my damp potatoes. They have lots of vitamins with which to help ward off tiny colds.