May 22nd, 2007

bazille_summer scene


Afternoons have become breezy, moderating the heat. In the valley the temperatures are getting into the 90s. Here it's a bit cooler, but not by much. Once the breeze kicks up, though, I find it quite pleasant to be outdoors as long as I stay in the shade. Were I to step out into direct sunlight I'd no doubt burn to a crisp within seconds. Or maybe not, but it feels that way. Remaining in the shade (the bright light greened by the fresh, rustling leaves overhead) I can close my eyes and feel the slight tug of the air. It wants to move me, and I must admit I enjoy the thought of being lofted into the spring air, though that would carry me kite-like into that burning sunlight where I would crisp. It's a good thing my body is not as light as my thoughts. In my imagination, I've long since soared away to drift among the clouds.