May 13th, 2007

caillebotte_the orangerie

On the Scent

Afternoon was so balmy and enervating that I took another unintentional nap, and only woke when the kid next door began tinkering noisily in his garage. I'd rather not sleep away the afternoon but, on the other hand, the nap was delicious! I dreamed of the ocean.

The jasmine blossoms have begun to open. This evening, I caught a faint whiff of their perfume penetrating the stronger scent of freshly cut grass. The night air is not yet warm enough to coax from the flowers their full fragrance, but it won't be long before the house will be suffused with it, night after night. Moonlight will vaguely illuminate the nearby woods and reveal the familiar street and the houses clearly, but the jasmine's perfume will transform it all to an exotic scene. For the rest of May and most of June, I'll visit fanciful worlds, a plant leading me around by my nose. Ah, spring!

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For something completely different: Dave's Music Box on Main Street in Los Angeles, in 1941. Dave's looks to have been one of the street's classic dive bars. It's long gone now. The interesting thing about it, though, is that sign. I looked at it a couple of times before I realized what it was supposed to be. I wonder what became of it when Dave's was done with it?